Macland Baptist Church 3732 Macland Road Powder Springs, GA 30127

What We Value

1. Intentional Relationships- We are committed to building intentional relationships with young adults and encouraging young adults to be intentional in their relationships with one another. We believe that intentional relationships are an effective tool in moving young adults forward in their spiritual growth.


2. Relevant Teaching- We are committed to teaching the entire Word of God in a relevant and honest manner. We believe that young adults’ lives can only be changed through the power of God’s unchanging Word and His Holy Spirit.


3. Personal Discipleship- We are committed to investing in each young adult’s life through personal discipleship. We will work hard to determine where they are in their spiritual development and what we can do to help them advance. We are committed to shaping the character of each young adult by modeling for them what a godly lifestyle looks like and by assisting them in applying biblical principles to their lives.


4. Ministry Development- We are committed to assisting each young adult in identifying and developing their God-given spiritual gifts by providing a variety of ministry opportunities.


5. Partnering with Parents- We are committed to assisting parents and partnering with them as they strive to raise godly young adults. We believe that youth ministry is a shared responsibility in that we are to be a resource to parents. We do not believe that we are meant to replace the God-ordained role of a parent within a young adult’s life.


6. Partnering with Macland Baptist Church- We are committed to partnering with the mission, vision, and purpose of Macland Baptist Church and will not confuse or contradict its core values, doctrines, or philosophy of ministry.